Two Ways to Order Online!

From the options below, choose which type of order best suits your needs. Then, for INDIVIDUAL ORDERS, select from among the varieties and choose a hatch date. You may add different varieties to your order, as long as they all have the same hatch date. For MULTIPLE/BULK ORDERS, choose the variety-type you wish to order. After making your selections and adding to your cart, you may order a different variety by clicking the "Continue Shopping" button. You can change quantites after you have put a selection into your cart. However, to ensure that you get the best pricing, we recommend you delete any items you wish to change and return to the order page using the "Continue Shopping" button. If you have questions or special requests, please contact us.


if you are ordering chicks or poults for one hatch date, use this page. We can estimate your shipping costs or get your preferences for a pickup time. You will also be asked to choose an alternate date, in case your first choice is unavailable.

You may choose several different varieties on one order, as long as you also choose the same hatch date.



If you would like to order chicks or poults on several hatch dates, use this page. We have divided our inventory into five categories: Cornish Cross, Other Broilers, Straight Run/Dual-Purpose, Layers and Turkeys. Here, you will be able to schedule multiple amounts for multiple hatch dates. You may even add different varieties by choosing the CONTINUE SHOPPING button on the order form, after adding to your cart. After you complete your order, we will contact you with shipping costs for each hatch date.

FEED STORES: Click here for more information.




USPS Shipping. Please contact us for details. You can also save money by picking up your hatch at our off-site pickup location in Tangent, Oregon, on the day of delivery. Chicks and poults are ready to be picked up or shipped same day as hatch.


Our Guarantee... Backed with Over 100 Years of Experience

We guarantee your shipment of chicks and poults will arrive 100% alive and in good condition.

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US Pullorum Typhoid Clean & NPIP Certified

Our hatchery prides itself in delivering healthy birds. We are US Pullorum Typhoid Clean & NPIP Certified. Jenks Hatchery monitors every step in the hatching development process to make sure every flock you receive is of the highest quality. We guarantee it!

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Order from Jenks Today!

All chickens are antibiotic free and Marek's vaccinated which is included in price. Chicks can be received non-vaccinated, too, but you must let us know at the time of the order.

All orders need to be pre-paid. We accept Visa and MasterCard. For most orders, credit cards are charged on the hatch date.

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